Gloriana (Clark Gesner) and Put Up Your Dukes (Crowley, Thomas, O’Donnell) CDR




Gloriana – music and lyrics by Clark Gesner, Clark Gesner at the piano
Cast includes: Sandy Kennedy, Clark Gesner, Hugh Bartlett
Recorded in Princeton in the 60’s

1. All’s Well
2. Heads Will Roll
3. The Queen’s Progress
4. Princesses In Blue & Tall Young Man
5. Give All You’ve Got To The Groundlings
6. To The Devil
7. Ceremonial Tasting of the First Potato
8. Madness
9. The Sonnet

Put Up Your Dukes – Music by Dennis Crowley and David Thomas, Book and Lyrics by Mark O’Donnel
Cast: Peter Zurkow, Mark Kiely, Greg Minahan, Matthew Gamser, Lindsay Davis, Jerry Colker, Jonathon Emerson, John Corenswet, Mark Szpak
(Mark O’Donnel went on to work on Saturday Night Live and theatre productions in New York)

10. Mestoso Redundo
11. Poverty For Two
12. Loving You is Just Plain Dumb
13. Cast Off Your Chains
14. Ladies In Waitin
15. Bonnie Prince Charleston
16. That’s What really Hurts
17. Gotta Sing, Gotta Dammerung
18. The Student Gypsy
19. Non Grata Cantata
20. Lady of the Lake
21. Heavenly Bodies
22. The Fox and the Geese
23. Ready, Willing and Regal


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