Two Tickets to Broadway Movie Soundtrack on CDR


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A 1953 movie musical starring Janet Leigh and Tony Martin.

  • Main Title
  • Pelican Falls High
  • There’s No Tomorrow
  • Bus Depot
  • Manhattan
  • Baby, You’ll Never Be Sorry
  • Rehearsal Montage
  • The Closer You Are
  • Let the Worry Bird Worry for You
  • Nancy Goes Home
  • The Charlivels Rehearsal
  • Let’s Make Comparisons
  • Prologue
  • Big Chief Hole-in-the-Ground
  • Are You Just a Beautiful Dream
  • The Closer You Are (Finale)

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Jule Styne


Leo Robin


Janet Leigh, Tony Martin, Ann Miller, Bob Crosby, Barbara Lawrence, Eddie Bracken, Gloria DeHaven


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