Breakfast at Tiffany’s Broadway Cast


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CDR of an LP we made in the 70’s. Recording made from the audience!


  1. Overture; Holly Golightly (Mary Tyler Moore, Richard Chamberlain)
  2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Mary Tyler Moore)
  3. When Daddy Comes Home (Mary Tyler Moore)
  4. Freddy Chant (Mary Tyler Moore)
  5. Lament for Ten Men (Men)
  6. Home for Wayward Girls (Sally Kellerman, Mary Tyler Moore)
  7. Who Needs Her? (Richard Chamberlain)
  8. You’ve Never Kissed Her (Art Lund)
  9. I’m Not the Girl (Art Lund, Mary Tyler Moore)
  10. Who Needs Her? (reprise) (Richard Chamberlain)
  11. Holly Golightly; Dance (Richard Chamberlain)
  12. Stay With Me (Larry Kert)
  13. Grade ‘A’ Treatment (Mary Tyler Moore, Larry Kert)
  14. Same Mistakes (Mary Tyler Moore)
  15. Stay With Her (reprise) (Richard Chamberlain)


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Bob Merrill


Bob Merrill


Richard Chamberlain, Sally Kellerman, Larry Kert, Art Lund, Mary Tyler Moore




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