Watch Your Step -Musicals Tonight! Cast – Irving Berlin CDR


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1. Overture

2. Watch Your Step

3. What Is Love

4. Let’s Go Round The Town

5. Come To The Land Of The Argentine

6. I Gotta Go Back To Texas

7. Bird Of Paradise

8. Lock Me In Your Harem

9. They Follow Me Around

10. I Love To Have The Boys Around Me

11. When I Discovered You

12. Show Us How To Do The Fox Trot

13. I’m A Dancing Teacher Now

14. Syncopated Walk

15. Lead Me To Love

16. I Hate You

17. Metropolitan Nights

18. Opera Medley

19. Homeward Bound

20. Move Over

21. Settle Down In A One Horse Town

22. Simple Melody – Old Fashioned Wedding – Your Just In Love

23. Encore – Simple Melody

24. Bonus Track

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Irving Berlin


Irving Berlin


Julian Brightman, Daniel Frank Kelley, Jennifer Miller, David Sabella, Rebecca Spencer, Alison Walla




Original Cast Records, 6009


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