The Broadway Musicals of 1939


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Town Hall Broadway by the Year Series

1.I’d Like to Recognize the Tune — Company

2.Well, Did You Evah? — Bryan Batt, Marie Danvers

3.Papa’s Got a Job — Annie Golden, Company

4.Doin’ the Chamberlain — Bryan Batt, Darius de Haas, Rob Gallagher

5.Mad About the Boy — Amanda McBroom (used in Set to Music)

6.A Lady Needs a Change — Annie Golden

7.Is It Possible? — Rob Gallagher

8.Three Little Maids from School Are We — Amanda McBroom, Annie Golden, Marie Danvers (used in Hot Mikado)

Let the Punishment Fit the Crime — Bryan Batt, Darius de Haas, Rob Gallagher (used in Hot Mikado)

9.I, The Living I — Darius de Haas (used in Hot Mikado)

10.South American Way — Bryan Batt

11.I Went to a Marvellous Party — Steve Ross (used in Set to Music)

12.Are You Havin’ Any Fun? — Annie Golden

13.Terribly Attractive — Darius de Haas

14.Never Again — Marie Danvers (used in Set to Music)

15.Give It Back to the Indians — Bryan Batt

16.I Can’t Afford to Dream — Rob Gallagher

17.Just a Little Bit More — Bryan Batt

18.The Story of a Horn — Amanda McBroom

19.Friendship — Bryan Batt, Annie Golden

20.All the Things You Are — Marie Danvers, Rob Gallagher, Company

21.I Didn’t Know What Time It Was — Amanda McBroom

22. Finale — Company


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