A Bronx Tale 2017


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1. Belmont Avenue — Bobby Conte Thornton, Ensemble

2. Look to Your Heart — Richard H. Blake, Hudson Loverro

3. Roll ‘Em — Nick Cordero, Hudson Loverro, Ensemble

4. I Like It — Hudson Loverro, Ensemble

5. Giving Back the Money — Richard H. Blake, Hudson Loverro, Lucia Giannetta, Nick Cordero

6. I Like It (Reprise) — Bobby Conte Thornton, Hudson Loverro, Nick Cordero, Ensemble

7. Ain’t It the Truth — Bobby Conte Thornton, Rory Max Kaplan, Dominic Nolfi, Keith White

8. Out of Your Head — Bobby Conte Thornton, Ariana DeBose, Ensemble

9. Nicky Machiavelli — Nick Cordero, Joey Sorge, Jonathan Brody, Ted Brunetti, Michael Barra, Paul Salvatoriello

10. These Streets — Richard H. Blake, Nick Cordero, Lucia Giannetta, Ensemble

11. Webster Avenue — Ariana DeBose, Bobby Conte Thornton, Bradley Gibson, Gilbert L. Bailey II, Christiani Pitts, Trista Dollison

12. Out of Your Head (Reprise) — Ariana DeBose

13. One of the Great Ones — Nick Cordero

14. Ain’t It the Truth (Reprise) — Bradley Gibson, Gilbert L. Bailey II

15. Look to Your Heart (Reprise) — Lucia Giannetta

16. One of the Great Ones (Reprise) — Bobby Conte Thornton

17. Hurt Someone — Company

18. In a World Like This — Bobby Conte Thornton, Ariana DeBose, Ensemble

19. The Choices We Make — Company

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Alan Menken


Glenn Slater


Gilbert L. Bailey II, Joe Barbara, Michael Barra, Richard H. Blake, Johnathan Brody, Ted Brunetti, Brittany Conigatti, Nick Cordero, Kaleigh Cronin, Ariana DeBose, Lucia Giannetta, Bradley Gibson, Rory Max Kaplan, Dominic Nolfi, Christiani Pitts, Paul Salvatoriello, Joey Sorge, Cary Tedder, Bobby Conte Thorton, Kirstin Tucker, Keith White




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