The Baker’s Wife – Washington DC Cast


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The Bakers Wife

1.Chanson — Teri Ralston

2.Merci, Madame — Paul Sorvino/Patti LuPone

3.Gifts of Love — Patti LuPone/Paul Sorvino

4.Proud Lady — Kurt Peterson

5.Serenade — Kurt Peterson/Paul Sorvino/Patti LuPone

6.Meadowlark — Patti LuPone

7.Any-Day-Now Day — Patti LuPone

8.Endless Delights — Kurt Peterson/Patti LuPone

9.If I Have to Live Alone — Paul Sorvino

10.Where Is the Warmth? — Patti LuPone

11. Finale (Gifts Of Love) — Patti LuPone/Paul Sorvino


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