Subways are for sleeping(Styne-Comden-Green)1962 cast plus cut songs


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Great stereo sound Sidney Chaplin. carol Lawrence Phyllis Newman cdr

1. Overture — The Orchestra
2. Subways Are for Sleeping — Bob Gorman, John Sharpe, Gene Varrone, Cy Young
3. Girls Like Me — Carol Lawrence
4. I’m Just Taking My Time — Sydney Chaplin
5. I Was a Shoo-in — Phyllis Newman
6. Subway Directions
Ride Through the Night — Sydney Chaplin, Carol Lawrence
7. Who Knows What Might Have Been? — Sydney Chaplin, Carol Lawrence
8. Swing Your Projects — Sydney Chaplin
9. Strange Duet — Phyllis Newman
10. I Said It and I’m Glad — Carol Lawrence
11. Be a Santa — Sydney Chaplin
12. How Can Your Describe a Face? — Sydney Chaplin
13. I Just Can’t Wait — Orson Bean
14. Comes Once in a Lifetime — Sydney Chaplin, Carol Lawrence
15. What Is This Feeling in the Air? — Carol Lawrence
16. Subways Are for Sleeping (Finale) — Sydney Chaplin, Carol Lawrence
17. Getting Married — Jack Haskell, Rose Marie Jun (Bonus) (BONUS)
18. I’m Just Taking My Time — Adolph Green (Bonus) (BONUS)
19. I’m Just Taking My Time (Reprise) (BONUS)
I Walk a Little Dog — Betty Comden, Adolph Green (Bonus) (BONUS)
20. Hey, Charlie, Let’s Talk — Betty Comden, Adolph Green (Bonus) (BONUS)
21. Life’s Not That Simple — Betty Comden (Bonus) (BONUS)
22. Man With a Plan — Betty Comden, Adolph Green (Bonus) (BONUS)


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