Songs of Dietz and Schwartz CDR




Music that was played in an exhibit for honoring Dietz and Schwartz in 1972-3
At the museum of the city of new york
All lyrics by Howard Dietz, music unless otherwise indicated by Arthur Schwartz


1 Dancing in the Dark (Bandwagon) – Bing Crosby
2. Fatal Fascination (Flying Colors) – Nancy Dessault
3. That Fellow Manuelo (Revenge With Music) – High Hatters
4. Moanin’ Low (Little Show) – Libbie Holman
5. At the Mardi Gras (Inside U.S.A.) – Bea Lillie
6. Hottentot Potentate (At Home Abroad) – Ethel Waters
7. Alone Together (Flying Colors) – Judy Garland
8. Smokin’ Reefers (Flying Colors) – Cab Calloway
9. Triplets (Between The Devil/Bandwagon) – Fred Astaire, Nanette Fabray, Jack Buchanan
10. Something To Remember You By (Three’s Company) – Helen Morgan
11. I Love Louisa (Bandwagon) – Fred Astaire
12. The Love I Long For (Sadie Thompson, music by Vernon Duke) – Dorothy Loudon
13. What A Wonderful World (At Home Abroad) – Eleanor Powell
14. Haunted Heart (Inside U.S.A.) – Perry Como
15. Before I Kiss The World Goodbye (Jennie) – Singer Unknown, from a demo with changed lyrics
16. A Shine On Your Shoes (Flying Colors) – Fred Astaire
17. If You Can’t Get The Love You Want (Sadie Thompson) – Tammy Grimes, music by Vernon Duke
18. Look Me Over Once (Fledermaus) – Patrice Munsel, music by Johann Strauss
19. I See Your Face Before Me (Between the Devil) – Clifford David
20. By Myself (Between the Devil) – Judy Garland
21. I Guess I’ll Have To Change My Plan (Little Show) – Frank Sinatra
22. Medley “When You Love Only One/You and The Night and The Music” (Revenge of The Music) – Libby Holman
23. Medley “Heaven on Earth” – Jack Cassidy + “Ohkay” – Barbara Ruick (Ohkay) – Music by George Gershwin (during the rehearsals Gershwin fell ill and Howard Deitz contributed to the lyrics of the above two songs, co-written by Deitz and Ira Gershwin)
24. Confession (Bandwagon) – Mary Martin
25. Hammacher Schlemmer, I Love You (The Little Show) – Sung by Howard Deitz, introduced by Perry Como
26. That’s Entertainment (Bandwagon) – Judy Garland


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