Unmined Cole 1999 CDR


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20 very rare Cole Porter songs with a few on Bagley solo CD with piano cdr from out of print 1999 CD.

1. I’m Yours
2. There’s A Fan
3. The Emigrants
4. My Broth Of A Boy
5. Ah Fong Lo
6. Auf Wiedersehn
7. Si Vous Aimez Les Poitrines
8. Agua Sincopada Tango
9. My Spanish Shawl
10. Gypsy Song
11. Make A Date With A Great Psychoanalyst
12. Why Marry Them?
13. A Humble Hollywood Executive
14. We Shall Never Be Younger
15. Once Upon A Time
16. It All Seems So Long Ago
17. When I Found You
18. When You And I Were Strangers
19. At Last In Your Arms
20. So Long



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Cole Porter


Cole Porter


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