Sheba – Studio Cast – Friedman/Cohen


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1. Prelude/Begging the Question

2. I Am Solomon

3. Entrance of the Sabaeans

4. I Question You

5. How Does A King Decide

6. You’ll Be King

7. Water Wears the Stone

8. Opinions in Public

9. The Names

10. Give and Take

11. You Are The One

12. Night of Love

13. Entr’acte/Moment in the Sun

14. Advice To A Friend

15. Opinions in Public 2

16. The Warning

17. Child of Mine

18. Come With Me

19. Mysteries

20. Solomon Decide

21. Finale

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Gary William Friedman


Sharleen Cooper Cohen


Brent Black, Linda Divito, Tony Gilbert, Jonathan Giordano, Michael Goz, Jonathan Hadley, Cynthia Leigh Heim, Jonathan Horenstein, Ernestine Jackson, Joe Langworth, Rose McGuire, Elizabeth Moliter, Lisa Morris, Natasha Rennalls, Michael San Giovanni, Nadita J. Shenoy, Joseph Siravo, Jane Strauss, Tamara Tunie, Andrew Varela, Carrie Wilshusen




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