Robin Hood by Reginald De Koven, AEI Radio Cast on CDR


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1950s Radio Production
1. Overture
2. Brown October Ale
3. Forest Song
4. Come To The Fair
5. Come The Bowmen
6. Country Dance
7. Within This Hour We Met
8. I Am The Sheriff Of Nottingham
9. O Promise Me
10. Away To The Woods
11. Song Of The Black Crow
12. The Tinkers’ Song
13. Serenade: A Troubadour Sang To His Love
14. O Promise Me- Reprise
15. Armourer’s Song
16. Finale Ultimo
Bonus Tracks
17. O Promise Me (1898)
18. The Armourer’s Son (1906)
1919 Revival Cast:
19. Brown October Ale
20. O See The Lambkins Play
21. The Armourer’s Song
22. The Tinkers’ Chorus
23. O Promise Me
24. The Forest Song
25. The Legend Of The Chimes
26. The Crow Song
27. Selections


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