Redhead (Hague – Fields) / Unsinkable Molly Brown


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1. I Feel Merely Marvelous

2. My Girl is Just Enough Woman for Me

3. Just for Once

4. Going Solo *Cut*

5. It Doesn’t Take a Minute *Cut*

6. Pickpocket Tango

7. Two Faces in the Dark

The Unsinkable Molly Brown:

8. I Ain’t Down Yet

9. Belly up to the Bar, Boys

10. I’ve A’ready Started In

11. I’ll Never Say No

12. Bea-U-Tiful People of Denver

13. Are You Sure?

14. Chick-a-Pen

15. Bon Jour (The Language Song)

16. If I Knew

17.Dolce Far Niente


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