Porgy and Bess 1959 soundtrack


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Pearl bailey. Can callaway. Brock Peters Robert Mcfarlin

1. Overture — Orchestra
2. Summertime — Loulie Jean Norman
3. A Woman Is A Sometime Thing — Cab Calloway, Leslie Scott, Earl Jackson
4. The Wake:
Gone, Gone, Gone — Ken Darby Singers
Porgy’s Prayer — Robert McFerrin
5. My Man’s Gone Now — Inez Matthews
6. I Got Plenty of Nuttin’ — Robert McFerrin, Inez Matthews, Pearl Bailey, Ken Darby Singers
7. Bess, You Is My Woman — Robert McFerrin & Adele Addison
8. Morning: Catfish Row — Ken Darby Singers
9. Oh, I Can’t Sit Down — Ken Darby Singers
10. It Ain’t Necessarily So — Cab Calloway, Ken Darby Singers
11. I Ain’t Got No Shame — Ken Darby Singers
12. What You Want With Bess! — Adele Addison & Brock Peters
13. Street Cries
Strawberry Woman
Crab Man — Helen Thigpen, Ken Darby Singers
14. I Loves You, Porgy — Adele Addison & Robert McFerrin
15. A Red Headed Woman — Brock Peters
16. Clara, Clara — Ken Darby Singers
17. There’s a Boat That’s Leavin’ Soon for New York — Cab Calloway)
18. Oh, Where’s My Bess? — Robert McFerrin
19. I’m On My Way — Robert McFerrin, Ken Darby Singers




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