Miss Liberty (Berlin) 1949 Broadway cast cdr + Rare understudy rca cdr


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So so wonderful group of songs Al Goodman and Broadway understudy cast made another version by

1. Overture — Orchestra
2. What Do I Have to Do to Get My Picture Took? — Mary McCarty
3. The Most Expensive Statue in the World — Philip Bourneuf, Charles Dingle, Donald McClelland, Emile Renan, Ensemble
4. A Little Fish in a Big Pond — Eddie Albert, Mary McCarty
5. Let’s Take an Old-fashioned Walk — Eddie Albert, Allyn McLerie, Ensemble
6. Homework — Mary McCarty
7. Paris Wakes up and Smiles — Johnny V. R. Thompson, Allyn McLerie, Ensemble
8. Only for Americans — Ethel Griffies, Eddie Albert, Ensemble
9. Just One Way to Say I Love You — Eddie Albert, Allyn McLerie
10. You Can Have Him — Mary McCarty, Allyn McLerie
11. The Policemen’s Ball — Mary McCarty, Ensemble
12. Falling out of Love Can Be Fun — Mary McCarty
13. Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor — Allyn McLerie, Ensemble


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