Lost in Boston vol 1 Callaway Kaye Mayes cdr


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Best edition Kimmel did now becoming rare

1. An English Music Hall — Jonathan Freeman with Tim Ewing, Kimberly Kline, Dori Rosenthal, Dan Shaheen
2. Just Fine — Sally Mayes, Ron Raines
3. Sweetriver — Sally Mayes
4. Flibbertigibbet — Sally Mayes
5. Where Do I Go from Here? — Liz Callaway
6. Waiting — Judy Kaye, Ron Raines, Lee Wilkof
7. Dear Sweet Sewing Machine — Emily Loesser
8. Like Everybody Else — Judy Malloy, Richard Roland, Sal Viviano
9. Evensong — Carolee Camello, Gregg Edelman
10. Ten Percent — Harry Groener
11. Come Down from the Tree — Lillias White
12. Tick Tock Goes the Clock — Lisa Mayer, Judy Malloy, Debbie Pavelka
13. When I Went Home — Michelle Nicastro
14. Let’s Make It a Night — Lynnette Perry, Jonathan Freeman
15. If You Leave Me Now — Michael Rupert
16. Take It in Your Stride — Liz Larsen


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