Lost Broadway and More, Vol. 3


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1. Overture — Michael Lavine (1:03)

2. Tomorrow’s Good Old Days — Michael Lavine, Steven Brinberg, Ian Michael Stuart, Alex Rolocek, Jillian Louis, Susan Fanale, Nicolette Hart (2:57)

3. I Could Be Happy with One Little Boy — Sarah Rice (2:49)

4. I Never Dream When I’m Asleep — Megan McGinnis (2:01)

5. Life Begins with Love — Michael Lavine (3:12)

6. Dame Crazy — Andrew Samonsky, Leah Horowitz (2:02)

7. Something in His Eyes — Jillian Louis (1:32)

8. Growing Up is Learning to Say Goodbye — Steven Brinberg as Cher (2:03)

9. I’m Afraid I’m in Love — Megan McGinnis (3:03)

10. Baby, Baby — Andrew Samonsky, Leah Horowitz (2:25)

11. Hammacher, Schlemmer, I Love You — Michael Lavine (0:32)

12. Waking-Up Sun — Heather MacRae, Robert Waldman (4:23)

13. It’s Too Nice a Day to Go to School — Melissa Dye, Jillian Louis, Michael Lavine (3:21)

14. I Knew I’d Know — Melissa Dye (2:16)

15. I Am Only Human After All — Michael Lavine, Joan Bender (3:13)

16. This Is My Beloved — Susan Fanale (4:03)

17. If Jesus Don’t Love You — Christine Pedi, Michael Lavine, Sheldon Harnick, Michele Ragusa (3:16)

18. You and Your Broken Heart — Jillian Louis (3:21)

19. Better All the Time — Leah Horowitz (2:30)

20. Growing Up is Learning to Say Goodbye — Steven Brinberg as Barbra (2:10)

21. Let’s Go Too Far — Andrew Samonsky (3:05)

22.It’s a Wonderful World — Melissa Dye

What a Day! — Melissa Dye (3:58)

23. Ain’t Broadway Grand — Ian Michael Stuart, Alex Rolocek, Steven Brinberg, Jillian Louis, Nicolette Hart, Jillian Louis, Susan Fanale (2:50)

24. Thank You For Coming — Michael Lavine (1:01)


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Various, Stephen Sondheim, Bob Merrill, Clay Warnick


Various, Alan Bergman, Marilyn Berman, Marc Blitzstein, Timothy Gray, Harold Goodman, George Marion Jr., Bob Merrill, Alfred Uhry, Stephen Sondheim, Johnny Mercer, Hugh Martin


Joan Bender, Steven Brinberg, Melissa Dye, Susan Fanale, Sheldon Harnick, Nicolette Hart, Leah Horowitz, Michael Lavine, Jillian Louis, Heather MacRae, Megan McGinnis, Christine Pedi, Michele Ragusa, Sarah Rice, Alex Rolocek, Andrew Samonsky, Ian Michael Stuart, Robert Waldman


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