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Irving Berlin brought his all-army show “This is the Army” to London during the war to raise morale and funds for British service charities. Not only did he write the music and lyrics, Berlin also produced and starred in it as the only civilian in the cast. He wrote an additional song for the London production – “My British Buddy” which he performed and recorded over here.

Post-war London saw Berlin’s “Annie Get Your Gun” at the Coliseum starring Dolores Gray in the lead and co-starring Bill Johnson. The run of 1304 performances here was longer than the Broadway version. Two 12inch 78s featuring a medley of the show’s better known tunes were recorded with the London cast.

Following “Annie” at the Coliseum was “Call Me Madam” starring Billie Worth, Anton Walbrook and the very young Shani Wallis. Unlike “Annie”, twelve complete songs were recorded.

Bonus tracks include Gracie Fields singing a medley of songs from “Annie Get Your Gun” giving the listener an idea of what things might have been if she had accepted the role of Annie Oakley!

Irving Berlin In London
1. This Is The Army, Mister Jones – Irving Berlin 2:19
2. My British Buddy – Irving Berlin, Announcement By John Watt 2:53
3. (a) The Girl That I Marry – Bill Johnson (b) They Say It’s Wonderful – Dolores Gray (c) There’s No Business Like Show Business � Company 4:38
4. a) You Can’t Get A Man With A Gun – Dolores Gray (b) My Defences Are Down – Bill Johnson And Vocal Ensemble (c) I Got Lost In His Arms – Dolores Gray And The Company 4:35
5. (a) Moonshine Lullaby – Dolores Gray And Vocal Ensemble (b) They Say It’s Wonderful – Bill Johnson (c) Doin’ What Comes Natur’lly – Dolores Gray And Vocal Ensemble 4:17
6. a) Who Do You Love, I Hope? – Irving Davies And Wendy Toye (b) Anything You Can Do – Dolores Gray And Bill Johnson (c) I’m A Bad, Bad Man – Bill Johnson And Vocal Ensemble (d) I Got The Sun In The Morning – Company 4:24
7. The Hostess With The Mostes’ On The Ball – Billie Worth 3:29
8. Washington Square Dance – Billie Worth 2:48
9. Lichtenburg – Anton Walbrook And Chorus 3:11
10. Can You Use Any Money Today – Billie Worth 2:36
11. Marrying For Love – Billie Worth And Anton Walbrook 3:34
12. The Ocarina – Shani Wallis And Chorus 2:39
13. It’s A Lovely Day Today – Shani Wallis And Jeff Warren 3:28
14. The Best Thing For You – Billie Worth 2:50
15. Something To Dance About – Billie Worth And Chorus 2:58
16. Once Upon A Time Today – Jeff Warren 2:53
17. They Like Ike – Sidney Keith, Arthur Lowe, Launce Maraschal 2:00
18. You’re Just In Love – Billie Worth And Jeff Warren 3:16
19. Selections From Annie Get Your Gun Part One – Gracie Fields
(There’s No Business Like Show Business, They Say It’s Wonderful, I Got The Sun In The Morning) 3:23
20. Selections From Annie Get Your Gun Part Two – Gracie Fields
(The Girl That I Marry, Doin’ What Comes Natur’lly, They Say It’s Wonderful) 3:27
21. I Got The Sun In The Morning – Victor Silvester And His Ballroom Orchestra 2:49
22. They Say It’s Wonderful – Victor Silvester And His Ballroom Orchestra 2:51


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