Industrial Musicals; 20 of the best on CDR


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In the late-50’s to mid-70’s, many Broadway singers and composers did Industrial shows for Ford, Penny’s, Old’s Tractors, etc. and made LP’s to give to the viewers. Here are 20 examples. We know Karen Morrow is in one of these and as we explore this album here at Footlight, we will try to make the singers and writers known. All of the tracks have big orchestras. Really a neat little CDR to add to your growing collection!

Industrial Showtunes
1. The Paper Song
2. Let’s Get Down To Business
3. Busy, Busy Day
4. The Man With the High Hopes
5. Major Surgery (Very catchy!)
6. You’re Gonna Have It Better Than You Ever Had It Before
7. Sell Steel – It Sells For You
8. Tires To Sell
9. The Mark of Precision
10. Food, Fiber and Ford
11. Straight Ahead with Ford
12. Kenny’s Shoes Manager’s Song
13. The Lesson
14. The Gift of Gab
15. The Harem Song
16. Standard Equipment
17. Distribution (catchy)
18. Ballad of the Plant Food Man
19. What’s New
20. A Definite Difference


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