I Love my wife (Stewart-Coleman ) Backer’s Audition by the authors


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1. Introduction
2. Introduction to We’re Still Friends
3. We’re Still Friends
4. Introduction to Monica
5. Monica
6. Introduction to A Mover’s Life
7. A Mover’s Life
8. Introduction to By Threes
9. By Threes
10. Introduction to Love Revolution
11. Love Revolution
12. Introduction to Someone Wonderful I Missed
13. Someone Wonderful I Missed
14. Introduction to Sexually Free
15. Sexually Free
16. Hey There, Good Times
17. Introduction to Lovers on Christmas Eve
18. Lovers on Christmas Eve
19. Introduction to The Blessing
20. The Blessing
21. Introduction to Everybody Today Is Turning On
22. Everybody Today Is Turning On
23. Introduction to Married Couple
24. Married Couple
25. Introduction to Reprises
26. By Threes / Someone Wonderful I Missed / A Mover’s Life /Sexually Free / Married Couple
27. Introduction to I Love My Wife
28. I Love My Wife
From Atlantic City
Lyrics by Christopher Gore
29. When Jill Is Gone
30. I Really Love You
From Home Again
Lyrics by Barbara Fried
31. All for Love
32. Wedding Song
33. When It Comes to Loving


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