Hollywood Party – Studio Cast


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CD contains 12 of the songs which were cut from the film; plus four bonus tracks


1.Hollywood Party — Barbara Rosenblatt

2.You Are — Robert Daws

3.I’m One of the Boys — Barbara Rosenblatt

4.Keep Away from Moonlight — Robert Daws

5.Black Diamond — Barbara Rosenblatt

6.You’ve Got That — Pat Whitmore / Richard Quin

7.Burning — Barbara Rosenblatt

8.My Friend, the Night — Robert Daws

9.Fly Away to Ioway — Pat Whitmore / Richard Quin

10.Prayer — Pat Whitmore

11.You’ve Get That — Barbara Rosenblatt / Robert Daws

12.I’m a Queen in My Own Domain — Pat Whitmore

13.Finale — Hollywood PartyCompany, The

14.That’s Love (Nana) — Lee Gibson (Bonus)

15.How About It (America’s Sweetheart) — Lee Gibson (Bonus)

16.Moonlight Lane (Helen of Troy) — Freddy Williams (Bonus)

17.What’s the Use? (Lido Lady) — Freddy Williams (Bonus)



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