Gay Love Songs Chip Deffaa Steven Bogardus Santanio Fontana. LeeRoy Reems


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Kristy Cates sing famous gay love songs.

Twenty-eight songs of love, loss, and longing, sung by an all-star New York cast, including such Broadway and nightclub pro’s as Stephen Bogardus, Santino Fontana, Lee Roy Reams, Kristy Cates, and Seth Sikes, produced by ASCAP Award-winner Chip Deffaa


1. A Good Man Is Hard to Find
Trent Armand Kendall
2. There Ain’t No Sweet Man That’s Worth the Salt of My Tears
Jon Peterson
3. I Hate You
Seth Sikes & Clark Kinkade
4. Pretty Baby
Dylan Adams
5. I Can’t Give You Anything but Love
Seth Sikes & Clark Kinkade
6. Until I Fell in Love with You
Cody Jordan & John Brady
7. Gay Love
Luka Fric
8. Kiss Your Sailor Boy Goodbye
Jon Peterson
9. I’m Crazy for My Baby in a Uniform
Bailey Cummings
10. You’d Be so Nice to Come Home To
Dave Warren
11. More Than You Know
Peter Charney
12. You’re so Beautiful
Clark Kinkade & Keith Anderson
13. Here
Keith Anderson & John Tartaglia
14. Do It Again
Santino Fontana
15. The Old Dancer’s Blues
Chip Deffaa & Tyler Duboys
16. He’s a Good Man to Have Around
Magnus Tonning Riise & Jon Peterson
17. We Have Much to Be Thankful For
Clark Kinkade & Austin Owen
18. He May Be Your Man, But He Comes to See Me Sometimes
Jon Peterson
19. I Used to Love You but It’s All over Now
Alec Deland
20. I Wonder Where My Lovin’ Man Has Gone
Seth Sikes
21. My Buddy
Ellis Gage
22. Matelot
Timothy Britten Parker
23. Something to Live For
Baby Jane Dexter
24. Maskulinum-Femininum
Kristy Cates
25. I Loved Him but He Didn’t Love Me
Tom Andersen
26. I’d Rather Be Blue over You
Seth Sikes
27. Old Friends
Lee Roy Reams
28. I’ll Follow My Secret Heart
Stephen Bogardus


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