From Up Here (2012 London Cast)


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High above the bustle of the city, five strangers find solace on the Brooklyn Bridge, suspended between who they were and what they might become. From Up Here is a new musical by Aaron Lee Lambert that explores time, change and the choices that shape the lives of five very different people whose paths cross in the most unlikely of ways. From Up Here asks the question: what makes life worth living?


It’s funny how an accident can make your life complete…


From Up Here made it’s World Premiere at South Hill Park in Bracknell, June 2012. The evening performance on Thursday, June 14th was streamed live on the internet attracting several thousand viewers. 


Track Listing:


1 From Up Here Live 

2 Isn’t It Funny Live 

3 Life of Riley Live 

4 Positive Live 

5 This Camera Live 

6 Voicemail #1 Live 

7 Isn’t It Funny (Reprise) Live 

8 Another Day… Live 

9 Voicemail #2 Live 

10 Running Out Live 

11 Being Eleven Live 

12 On That Sunday Live 

13 And Then Live 

14 Dear Emily… Live 

15 Emily’s Choice Live 

16 From Up Here (Reprise) Live 

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