Free As Air – Original London Cast (Must Close Saturday)


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01. Piano Selection (BONUS) 

02. I’m up Early 

03. Let the Grass Grow 

04. Nothing but Sea and Sky 

05. The Boat’s in 

06. A Man from the Mainland 

07. Free As Air 

08. Her Mummy Doesn’t Like Me Any More 

09. The Girl from London 

10. A Man From The Mainland (Reprise) 

11. I’d Like to Be Like You 

12. Testudo 

13. I’ve Got My Feet on the Ground 

14. Holiday Island 

15. Geraldine 

16. We’re Holding Hands 

17. Terhou 

18. Let The Grass Grow (Reprise) 

19. Orchestral Music from ‘Free As Air’ – Tommy Kinsman & his Band (BONUS)

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Julian Slade


Dorothy Reynolds, Julian Slade




Must Close Saturday


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