Five After Eight


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Original Cast Recording!

Featuring Sally Funk and James Handakas.

19 Track total. 



1.Closing Song — Original New York Cast

2.Spirit Song — Original New York Cast

3.What I’m Looking For? — Sally Funk/Barbara Walker

4.A Quartet with a Smile — Original New York Cast

5.I Know You’re Here Jeannine — Dena Olstad

6.You Better Watch out for Me — Sally Funk/Dena Olstad/Barbara Walker

7.It’s Not Working out — Dena Olstad

8.If We Spent Our Lives in a Fishbowl — Alan Sorenson/Barbara Walker

9.Nothing Can Stand in My Way — Sally Funk

10.We’re Not Who We Think We Are — Original New York Cast

11.Unanswered Questions — Original New York Cast

12.If There’s Anything Left of Us — Alan Sorenson/Sally Funk

13.That’s What Love Does to Me — Dena Olstad

14.25 Years — Barbara Walker

15.Still Here with Me — Alan Sorenson

16.Besancon — Sally Funk

17.The Perfect Imbalance — James Handakas/Alan Sorenson/Barbara Walker

18.What Is Funny — Alan Sorenson

19. New York Finale — Original New York Cast

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Michael Bitterman


Michael Bitterman


Sally Funk, James Handakas




Original Cast Records


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