Festival – Original Off-Broadway Cast – Stephen Downs/Randal Martin/Bruce Vilanch


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1.Overture — Company

Our Song — Michael Rupert

2.Ballad of Oh — Company

For the Love — Michael Rupert

3.Beata Biax (Beautiful) — Bill Hutton

4.Just Like You — Michael Magnusen, Bill Hutton

5.Special Day — Maureen McNamara, Bill Hutton

6.The Time Is Come — Michael Rupert, Maureen McNamara, Bill Hutton

7.Roger the Ox — Leon Stewart

8.When the Lady Passes — Company

9.Gifts to You — Maureen McNamara, Bill Hutton

10.The Escape — Company

11.The Pirates’ Song — Michael Rupert

12.I Can’t Remember — Company

13.One Step Further — Company

14.Through Love’s Eyes — Michael Magnuson, Bill Hutton

15.Let Him Love You — Maureen McNamara, Roxann Parker

16.The Ceremony — Company

I Speak of Love — Company

17. Our Song (Reprise) — Company

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Stephen Downs


Stephen Downs, Randal Martin, Bruce Vilanch


Bill Hutton, Tina Johnson, Michael Magnusen, Maureen McNamara, Lindy Nisbet, Roxann Parker, Michael Rupert, Leon Stewart, Robin Taylor, John Windsor




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