Dreamgirls 2 CD 2001 concert cast


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Great cast Adrian Bailey, Billy Porter, Lillias White, Norm Lewis, Darius de Haas

Disc 1:
1. I’m Looking for Something, Baby
2. Goin’ Downtown
3. Takin’ the Long Way Home
4. Move (You’re Steppin on My Heart)
5. Scene: Fifty Bucks Says the Dreamettes Don’t Win
6. Fake Your Way to the Top
7. Scene: It Ain’t Working, Marty
8. Cadillac Car
9. Cadillac Car (On the Road)
10. Cadillac Car (Recording Studio)
11. Scene: I Don’t Believe They Can Do That
12. Steppin’ to the Bad Side
13. Scene: I’m Working on a Long Shot
14. Party, Party
15. I Want You, Baby
16. Scene: I’m a Woman Now
17. Family
18. Scene: What Are You Doing to That Girl?
19. Dreamgirls
20. Press Conference
21. Heavy
22. Walkin’ Down the Strip
Scene: Las Vegas
23. It’s All Over
24. And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going
Disc 2:
1. Opening Act II: Dreams Medley
2. Scene: Effie White Is the Best Singer You’re Gonna Find
3. I Am Changing
4. Vogue Sequence
5. When I First Saw You
6. Ain’t No Party
7. I Meant You No Harm
8. The Rap
9. I Miss You, Old Friend
10. One Night Only
11. One Night Only (Disco Version)
12. I’m Somebody
13. Hard to Say Good-bye
14. Dreamgirls (Reprise)


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