Cinderella – Original London Cast


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Bonus tracks recorded separately at the time of the original London production and released as a single.

1. Overture 

2. In My Own Little Corner 

3. A Very Special Day — Tommy Steele 

4. Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful? — Bruce Trent 

5. The Prince Is Giving a Ball — Robin Palmer

6. Marriage Type Love — Tommy Steele 

7. The Stepsisters’ Lament — Kenneth Williams, Ted Durante

8. Your Majesties, A List of Bare Necessities — Enid Lowe, James Edwards

9. When Your Driving Through the Moonlight/A Lovely Night — Tommy Steele 

10. A Lovely Night (Reprise) 

11. Impossible — Betty Marsden

12. No Other Love — Bruce Trent 

13. Ten Minutes Ago — Bruce Trent 

14. You and Me — Tommy Steele, James Edwards

15. Finale — Enid Lowe, Marion Leslie, Robin Palmer, Ted Durante, Kenneth Williams, Bruce Trent, Tommy Steele, Betty Marsden, Goddfrey James, Tom Merrifield, Graham Squire, Prudence Rodney, James Edwards

16. A Lovely Night — Tommy Steele

17. Marriage Type Love — Tommy Steele [*]

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