Broadway Musicals Cut-Outs


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Town Hall Broadway by the Year Series

1. A Cup Of Coffee, A Sandwich, And You (from Charlot’s Revue of 1926) — Justin Bohon

2. Who’s The Who? (Where-Has-My-Hubby-Gone Blues) (from No, No Nanette) — Stephanie J.Block

3. Love For Sale (from The Vagabond King) — Stephanie J.Block

4. Gigolette (from Charlot’s Revue of 1926) — Justin Bohon

5. If You Knew Suzie (from Big Boy) — Walker Jones

6. How High The Moon (from Two For The Show) — John Dossett

7. What Chance Have I With Love? (from Louisana Purchase) — John Dossett

8. Hello Young Lovers (from The King And I) — Alison Fraser

9. I’ll Buy You A Star (from A Tree Grows In Brooklyn) — Chip Zien

10. Something Wonderful (from The King And I) — Rebecca Eichenberger

11. Darn That Dream (from Swinging The Dream) — Darius DeHaas

12. Do I Love You? (from DuBarry Was A Lady) — Rob Gallagher

13. You’re Nearer (from Too Many Girls) — Marie Danvers

14. It’s Me Again (from Yokel Boy) — Darius DeHaas

15. Comes Love (from Yokel Boy) — Annie Golden

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