Bob & Ray: A Night of Two Stars (2-CDs) Live at Carnegie Hall


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If you do not already know who Bob and Ray are, I would be hard-put to sum them up briefly. They were a brilliant comedy team who came of age in The Golden Age of radio and whose sketches endlessly satirized radio broadcasting itself. They created a large cast of comic characters, stretching their pliable voices myriad different ways. Their humor was as subtle (as the “b” in subtle) and refined – they were two of the greatest deadpan comics of all time.


Bob and Ray’s main medium was radio – they were shy men who did not generally work well on stage or TV. But they did do two stage shows, one of which was “A Night of Two Stars” from the 1980’s – the twilight of their career. Carnegie Hall is packed with Bob and Ray fans – people who grew up on this wonderful duo – and the atmosphere is infectious. Bob and Ray bring out some of their classic characters, and the audience cheers them on as if they were old friends. What a wonderful way to end their remarkably long career (Bob and Ray did comedy together from 1946 until Ray’s death in 1990.) What a wonderful farewell to these remarkable gentlemen of comedy. And best of all, you get the wonderful Al Hirschfeld caricature on the cover!


DISC 1 (47:58)


Welcome to Carnegie Hall; Chocolate Rabbits; Reminisence; Mr.-I-Know-Where-They-Are; Reuniting the Whirleys; Important Announcement: Move Your Car; Biff Burns in the Sports Room; Face in the News: Pizza Flipper; Salesman of the Year; Commercial: Bob & Ray House of Toast; Employee Dinner– Lucy Luscious Nut Fudge Spotless Kitchens; Wally Ballou at the Paper Clip Factory; Commercial: Einbinder Flypaper; Hobby Hut; Announcement: Neil Clummer’s Next Appearance; The Komodo Dragon.


DISC 2 (63:36)


Welcome Back to Carnegie Hall; The Bob & Ray Public Radio Show: Show and Cast Introductions; Organ Concert; Bannister Sliding Contest; Hard Luck Stores; Tippy the Wonder Dog; Speaking Out; Public Service Announcement: Friendly National Chemical Loan and Trust Company; Elmer W. Litzinger, Spy; Dining Out with Bob & Ray; Mr. Trace, Keener than Most Persons; Radio Show Outro; Introduction of Al Shaffer and Paul Taubman; Soap Opera Reminiscence: Secret Heart of Sayville; Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife; Garish Summit; Slow Talkers of America; Encores: Wally Ballou in Times Square; McBeeBee Twins; Credits; Logo and Reprise.


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