At The Grand 1959 (Grand Hotel) Demo (Wright – Forrest) / Purlie


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The location in the musical was changed from Rome to Berlin and only four songs were taken from “At the Grand” to make “Grand Hotel” the musical later on.

At the Grand

1. At the Grand

2. Table with a View *used in The Grand Hotel*

3. Ride the Carousel

4. I am Blessed

5. What You Need*

6. FaBene

7. I Waltz Alone *

8. Dulcia

9. Crescendo

10. We’ll Take a Class*

11. Give Up

12. Bare Necessities

13. It’s Feeding time

14. Italy

15. Still You’re Alone

16. Rome



17. Walk Him Up The Stairs

18. New Fangled Preacher Man

19. He Can Do It

20. Purlie

21. First Thing Monday Morning

22. Easy Going Man

23. Down Home

24. The World Is Coming To A Start



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