Applause DEMO + Madame Aphrodite DEMO


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Tell Your Friends (It’s a Hit, It’s a Flop) *Cut*

But Alive

Smashing New York Times (Cut)

God Bless (Cut)

Hurry Back

The Loneliest Man in Town (Cut)

Nothing Can Do it to Me Now (Cut)

Get Her Away From Me (Cut)

Applause (Title Song)

It Was Always You (Cut)

Margo’s Theme (Cut)

Love Comes First

Hurry Back


All Vocals by Bernie Knee and Sandy Stewart.

Plus Two Commercial, Pop Recordings “Think How It’s Gonna Be” by Tony Bennett and “Applause” by Pearl Bailey.



Madame Aphrodite by Jerry Herman

Only Love

The Girls Who Sit and Wait


Take a Good Look Around

Miss Euclid

The Girls Who Sit and Wait (by Fay DeWitt)

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