Zombie Prom – Original Off-Broadway Cast


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1. Enrico Fermi High — Jessica-Snow Wilson, Richard Roland, Cathy Trien, Rebecca Rich, Natalie Toro, Jeff Skowron, Marc Lovci, Stephen Bienskie, Karen Murphy 

2. Ain’t No Goin’ Back — Jessica-Snow Wilson, Richard Roland, Ensemble 

3. Jonny Don’t Go — Jessica-Snow Wilson, Ensemble 

4. Good As It Gets — Jessica-Snow Wilson, Ensemble 

5. The C Word — Jessica-Snow Wilson, Richard Roland, Ensemble 

6. Rules, Regulations and Respect — Karen Murphy, Ensemble 

7. Blast from the Past — Richard Roland, Ensemble 

8. That’s the Beat for Me — Richard Muenz, Ensemble 

9. The Voice in the Ocean — Richard Roland, Jessica-Snow Wilson 

10. It’s Alive — Richard Roland, Karen Murphy, Ensemble 

11. Where Do We Go from Here? — Richard Roland, Jessica-Snow Wilson, Ensemble 

12. Trio (Case Closed) — Richard Muenz, Karen Murphy, Richard Roland 

13. Then Came Jonny — Richard Roland, Karen Murphy, Ensemble 

14. Come Join Us — Richard Muenz, Richard Roland, Ensemble 

15. How Can I Say Goodbye? — Richard Roland, Ensemble 

16. Easy to Say — Jessica-Snow Wilson, Ensemble 

17. Exposé — Richard Muenz, Karen Murphy 

18. Isn’t It? — Ensemble 

19. Forbidden Love — Jessica-Snow Wilson, Richard Roland, Ensemble 

20. The Lids Have Been Blown — Richard Muenz, Karen Murphy, Ensemble 

21. Delilah’s Confession — Karen Murphy 

22. Zombie Prom — Company

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