Young Zombies in Love – Studio Cast – Gaby Alter


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Includes 5 bonus tracks from other shows: “It Girl Theme” (from It Girl), “Bedpanning” (from The Thing Itself), “Except a Pet” (from Earth Verses), “Afterworld” (from Itgirl), and Superpowerless (from Vapor Tales).

1. Girlfriends – Lain Mann

2. Life Ahead of Us – Gaby Alter, Jessica Neighbor

3. Who Cares? – Damian Hess, Euclides Pereyra

4. Flee – Gaby Alter

5. Never Dangerous – Lain Mann, Sarah Wescott

6. Missing My Boy – Amy Lewis

7. Zombie King – Ben Bloch

8. Ballad of the Lonely Commando – Slater Penney

9. Letter to Tombtown – Damian Hess, Jessica Neighbor

10. Don’t Say Goodbye – Lain Mann, Sarah Wescott

11. Life Ahead of Us (Reprise) – Lain Mann

12. Itgirl Theme – Gaby Alter, Sarah Wescott

13. Bedpanning – Ben Bloch

14. Except a Pet – Arwen Anderson, Kahlil Doak-Anthony, Robyn Ganeles, John Peck, Ganda Suthivarakom, Daniel Thiel

15. Afterworld – Laurie Amat, Jessica Neighbor

16. Superpowerless (Curtain Jam) – Jason Arnold, Stephen Chesney, , Kahlil Doak-Anthony, Drums Koch, Adam Redhead

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Gaby Alter


Gaby Alter, Damian Hess, Dominic Mah


Gaby Alter, Ben Bloch, Damian Hess, Amy Lewis, Iain Mann, Jessica Neighbor, Slater Penney, Euclides Pereyra, Sarah Wescott




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