Vincent Youmans’ Theater Songs – Through The Years on 2CDR’s


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These songs were taken from an LP from the Monmouth-Evergreen label and put on CDR for all to enjoy.

Disc 1:

1. Medley: Oh Me! Oh My! /Dolly
2. Medley: Wild Flower/Bambalina
3. Tie A String Around Your Finger
4. I Want To Be Happy
5. I’ve Confessed To The Breeze
6. Tea For Two
7. I Know That You Know
8. Why, Oh Why?
9. Hallelujah!
10. Sometimes I’m Happy
11. The One Girl
12. Who Am I? (That You Should Care For Me)
13. Happy Because I’m In Love
14. Without A Song
15. More Than You Know
16. Great Day!
17. More That Ever
18. Time On My Hands
19. I’m Glad I Waited


Disc 2:
1. Keepin’ Myself For You
2. Love Is Like A Song
3. You’re The One
4. You’re Everywhere
5. Kinda Like You
6. Through The Years
7. Drums In My Heart
8. Oh, How I Long To Belong To You
9. My Lover
10. Rise ‘N’ Shine
11. I Want To Be With You
12. Medley: Carioca/Orchids in the Moonlight
13. Music Makes Me
14. Flying Down To Rio


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