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Disc 1
1. The Fortune Teller (H.P. Smith, Lyricist) – Selections from the Fortune Teller
2. The Wizard of the Nile (H.P. Smith) – The Casino Theatre – “Starlight Star Bright”
3. Babes in Toyland (Glenn Macdonugh) – The Majestic Theatre Cast
4. Babbet (H.P. Smith) – Broadway Theatre Cast
5. It Happened in Norland (Glenn Macdonugh) – Loufield’s Theatre Cast
6. Mademoiselle Modiste (Blossom) – Knickerbocker Theatre Cast –
7. The Red Mill (Blossom) – Knickerbocker Theatre Cast
8. The Rose of Algeria (Glenn Macdonugh) – Harold’s Square Theatre Cast
9. Naughty Marietta (Johnson Young) –
10. The Enchanted (H.P. Smith) – New York Theatre Cast
11. Lady of the Slipper (O’dea) – Globe Theatre Cast

Disc 2
1. Sweethearts (Robert B. Smith) – Amsterdam Theatre Cast
2. The Mad Cap Dutchess (Stevens) – Globe Theatre Cast
3. The Only Girl (Blossom) – 39th Street Theatre Cast
4. The Princess Pat (Blossom) – The Court Theatre Cast
5. Eileen (Blossom) – Shubert Theatre Cast
6. Velvet Lady (Blossom) – Amsterdam Theatre Cast
7. Angelface (R.B. Smith) – Knickerbocker Theatre Cast
8. Ziegfeld Follies of 1920 (Buck) – New Amsterdam Theatre Cast
9. The Girl in the Spotlight (R.B. Smith) Knickerbocker Theatre Cast
10. Orange Blossoms (B.G. DeSylva) – Fulton Theatre Cast
11. Dream Girl (Johnson Young) – Amsterdam Theatre Cast
12. Fansrastics (Merry Wives of Gotham) (Eyre)
13. Natoma (Reddins) – Philadelphia Cast


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