Trelawny (Julian Slade) London Cast CDR




1. Pull Yourself Together
2. Walking On – Elizabeth Power, Ian Richardson
3. Ever of Thee/Trelawny of the Wells – Betty Benfield, Gemma Craven, John Gower, John Watts
4. Tom Wrench’s Letter – Ian Richardson
5. On Approval – Max Adrian, Joyce Carey, Gemma Craven, Jean Hampson, John Quayle, John Watts
6. Rules – Gemma Craven
7. Back to the Wells – Elizabeth Power, John Watts
8. Entr’acte/Old Friends – Veronica Clifford, Teddy Green,
9. One Who Isn’t There – Gemma Craven
10. We Can’t Keep Them Waiting – Teddy Green, David Morton
11. Turn of Avonia Bunn – Elizabeth Power
12. Arthur’s Letter – John Watts
13. Two Fools – Max Adrian, Gemma Craven
14. Life – Ian Richardson
15. Finale


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