Tom Brown’s Schooldays London cast cdr


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1. Petticoat Government
I Like My Children Around
Head up
In the Swim — Jill Martin, Jane West
2. My Way
3. In the Swim (Reprise) — Richard Willis
4. Three Acres and a Cow — Raymond Davis,
5. Where Is He? — Judith Bruce
6. What Is a Man? — Roy Dotrice
7. Young Tom
8. Have a Try
9. Six of the Best — Michael Darbyshire
10. If I Had a Son — Judith Bruce
11. A Boy’s Point of View
12. Vision of Youth
13. Warwickshire Home
One for Your Nose — Raymond Davis
14. Hold Me — Judith Bruce
15. The Ballad of the Great White Horse — Jill Martin,
16. Young Tom (Reprise) — Company


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