Three For A Song (CD) (Rediscovered Songs 1929 – 1945)


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As heard on NPR! The “Golden Age of Tin Pan Alley” in the 1920s and 1930s saw the creation of many of the tuneful, clever, and moving songs that make up the “Great American Songbook.” But for every hit that George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Rodgers and Hart, Fats Waller, Walter Donaldson, Harry Warren, or other notables wrote, there were at least a dozen more equally deserving songs that fell through the cracks. Some were composed for films that never got made or Broadway shows that flopped. Others simply didn’t have sufficient distribution or promotion. The members of the remarkably versatile trio Three for a Song have made it their mission to resurrect many of the era’s forgotten musical gems and bring them to audiences in their acclaimed show “The Greatest Songs You’ve Never Heard.” Tenor Doug Bowles, soprano Karin Paludan, and pianist Alex Hassan comb through archives digging up musical treasures from many of the era’s best-loved composers. Their fresh, dramatic interpretations showcase the humor, pathos, and excitement of the songs. 21 selections, 72 minutes. Includes a deluxe 24-page full-color illustrated booklet with detailed notes.


“Three for a Song”, is (sort of) a revue of re-discovered theatre, film and popular songs from 1929-1945. 


It’s performed by Karin Paludin, Doug Bowles, and Alex Hassan. For those of us who lament the demise of Ben Bagley and his Painted Smiles label, here is a new release to satisfy that craving…


Of the 23 songs in 21 tracks, these are standouts:

“Don’t Tell Me It’s Bad” from “Say When” (1934, Henderson-Koehler)

“Good for Nothin’ Joe” from “Cotton Club Revue” (1935, Bloom-Koehler)

“Honestly” from the comedy “Satellite” (1935, Pokrass-Shaw) ran 1 performance!

“Nature Played an Awful Trick on You” from “Everybody’s Welcome” (1931, Sherwin-Lippman-Pascal)


And these film titles:

“Hopeless, Helpless, Lovesick and Blue” from “Give ‘Em the Axe” (1930, Dreyer)

“Let’s Be Common” from “Love Parade” (1929, Schertzinger-Grey)

“This Must be Illegal (It’s So Nice)” from “Sea Legs” (1930, Rainger-Harling-Marion)

“By a Waterfall” from “Footlight Parade” (1933, Fain)

“Low Down” from “Madam Satan” (1930, J King-E Janis)

“Blue Serenade” from “Elegance” (1935, B Lane-H Adamson)

“That Certain Woman” from film of same name (1937, H Warren-A Dubin)

“Hula Holiday” from “Come On Marines” (1934, Robin-Rainger)

“You Are the First Love” (1931, Emmerich Kálmán – E.Y. Harburg)


There are nice liner notes with color pictures, sheet music covers, film stills. Highly recommended!


1. Don’t Tell Me It’s Bad 

2. Hopeless, Helpless, Lovesick and Blue 

3. As Long as You’re Near Me 

4. This is Romance (version 1) 

5. This is Romance (version 2) 

6. How’s About Tomorrow Night? 

7. You Are Worth While Waiting For 

8. Good-For-Nothin’ Joe 

9. Honestly 

10. Nature Played an Awful Trick on You 

11. The Least Little Thing You Do 

12. How Could You Put Me Down? 

13. Let’s Be Common / This Must Be Illegal (It’s So Nice) 

14. By a Waterfall 

15. Low Down 

16. Blue Serenade 

17. That Certain Woman 

18. Hula Holiday 

19. Du Bist Das Liebste (You Are the First Love) 

20. You’ve Got a Certain Something / I’d Hate to Tell You 

21. All the Things You Are 

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