The Unknown Theatre Songs of Jule Styne CDR


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CD from Blue Pear records that includes cut songs from demos and pop recordings.
Songs featured are from shows like Two on the Aisle, Hazel Flagg, Darling of the Day, Funny GIrl, Peep Show, Sugar, Hellzapoppin, Do Re Mi, Subways are for Sleeping, Gypsy, Wonderworld, and Hallelujah Baby!
All not on cast albums.


1. Francie – Michael Todd’s Peep Show
2. So Far, So Good – Two On The Aisle
3. Money Burns a Hole in my Pocket – Hazel Flagg
4. Mama’s Talkin’ Soft – Gypsy
5. Life’s Not Simple – Do Re Mi
6. Let’s Talk – Subways are for Sleeping (from demo)
7. Getting Married – Subways are for Sleeping (from demo)
8. Now I Have Someone – Subways are for Sleeping
9. It’s a Temporary Arrangement – Funny Girl
10. When the Weather’s Better – Hallelujah Baby!
11. Big Talk – Hallelujah Baby!
12. Ugly, Ugly Gal – Hallelujah Baby
13. Putney on the Thames – Darling of the Day
14. A Blushing Bride – Darling of the Day
15. That Stranger in your Arms – Darling of the Day
16. The People in Your Life – Sugar
17. All You Gotta Do Is Tell Me – Sugar
18. Nice Ways – Sugar
19. Sun On Your Face – Sugar
20. Hellzapoppin – Hellzapoppin
21. Only One to a Customer – Hellzapoppin
22. Welcome – Wonderworld

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