The Rocky Horror Tribute Show (DVD) Michael Ball/Anthony Head (2008) Royal Court Theatre


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When you’ve got a soft spot in your heart for the twisted sci-fi, rock-n-roll grandiosity of Rocky Horror as I do and when you’ve seen the movie too many times to count, then it’s hard to resist its evolution and evocation. That includes the uneven but often worthwhile Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Tribute Show, new on DVD from Kultur.


Actually, the concert-style show isn’t exactly new. It was performed and recorded at an intimate but lively theater more than two years ago, to mark the 50th anniversary of the English Stage Company. O’Brien, the stage show’s original writer and the original Riff Raff, returns to perform briefly, and other Rocky Horror veterans popping up include Patricia Quinn and Little Nell.


But mostly the music is performed by various people who have moved in and out of Rocky Horror’s stage universe over the years and they’re a mixed lot.


As Dr. Frank, Anthony Head is more of a singer than an actor, but Michael Ball, in the same role, is both, and he’s better in my book. Jo Farrell’s Janet also excels with Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me, and the Time Warp Reprise is an energized full-cast kick.


O’Brien has written some shrewd new narration which advances the plot when read by various actors and sets up the next song. I love this material, and it’s great to hear it in a loving atmosphere like this.


The show runs just over an hour, and for much of that time you should be richly entertained if you’re a fan of the show. And if not? Well, to paraphrase Frank, “They didn’t make it for you!” No, this is for the many of us who love Rocky Horror and luxuriate in the exquisite pleasure of its nostalgic glow. In fact, the DVD has me singing all those old songs again. 


This was a treat to watch. Rocky Horror Picture fans will be very pleased with the performances on this DVD. Just as the synopsis of this DVD hails, Anthony Head (who also played Giles from the cult hit classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer), is one of the best Franks ever. When Head performed Sweet Transvestite; I literally got cold chills. Head is an excellent singer and performer. He really made an impression on this Rocky Horror fan. Other performances from the original cast of the Rocky Horror movie, Richard O’Brien, Patricia Quinn, Little Nell and Raynor Bourton were fantastic as well. I would highly recommend this DVD for any Rocky Horror fan! –


Recommended. –Video Librarian 


The Rocky Horror Show was born at the Royal Court’s tiny Theatre Upstairs on June 16, 1973, and went on to become an international stage smash hit and a major motion picture. Now, Rocky Horror Company and The Royal Court Theatre present this historic program, Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Tribute Show.


In 2006, Richard O’Brien, who wrote the book, music and lyrics, rewrote the narration for the show and a cast of performers was put together from previous stars of the show and other amazing performers, including Richard O’Brien, Patricia Quinn, Little Nell and Rayner Bourton, on stage for the first time in 33 years, back where it all began. They are joined by one of the best Franks ever, Anthony Head, as well as original Transylvanians from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. 


This is a must-have DVD for all Rocky Horror fans!


STARRING: Richard O’Brien, Anthony Head, Michael Ball


SINGERS: Patricia Quinn, Adrian Edmondson, Sophie Lawrence, Kraig Thornber, Toyah Wilcox, Amy Field, Anthony Head, Gary Amers, Ben Richards, Joanne Farrell, Stephen Gately, Julian Littman, Michael Ball, Little Nell


NARRATORS: Richard O’Brien, Tony Slattery, Robin Cousins, Rayner Bourton, Steve Pemberton, Christopher Biggins, Jamie Theakston


Music & Lyrics Richard O’Brien

Directed for the stage by Christopher Luscombe

Producer Simon Flind

Director: Robin Lough




Science Fiction: Usherette (Patricia Quinn)

Damn it, Janet: Brad (Adrian Edmondson), Janet (Sophie Lawrence) 

Over at the Frankenstein Place: Brad (Adrian Edmondson), Janet (Sophie Lawrence), Riff Raff (Kraig Thornber) 

Time Warp: Riff Raff (Kraig Thornber), Columbia (Amy Field), Magenta (Toyah Wilcox) 

Sweet Transvestite: Frank, (Anthony Head), Brad (Adrian Edmondson), Magenta (Toyah Wilcox), Columbia, (Amy Field), Riff Raff (KraigThornber) 

The Sword of Damocles: Rocky (Gary Amers) 

Hot Patootie Bless My Soul: Eddie (Ben Richards) 

Touch-a touch-a touch me: Janet (Jo Farrell), Magenta (Toyah Wilcox), Columbia (Amy Field) 

Once in a While: Brad (Stephen Gately) 

Eddie’s Teddy: Dr Scott (Julian Littman), Frank (Anthony Head), Columbia (Amy Field) 

Planet Schmanet: Frank (Anthony Head), Janet (Jo Farrell) 

Floor Show: Columbia (Amy Field), Rocky (Gary Amers), Brad (Adrian Edmondson), Janet (Jo Farrell), Frank (Michael Ball), Dr Scott (Julian Littman), Magenta (Toyah Wilcox), Riff Raff (Kraig Thornber) 

I m Going Home: Frank (Michael Ball) 

Super Heroes: Brad (Adrian Edmondson), Janet (Jo Farrell) 

Time Warp reprise: Full company with Richard O’Brien, Little Nell, Patricia Campbell 

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