The Road to Ruin


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01. Welcome to Our Tent / Filthy World — George S. Irving, Brooke Sunny Moriber, Company

02. Other Joys — Brooke Sunny Moriber

03. Every Day’s a New Day — Sebastian Arcelus

04. Eve’s Passion School — Cristina Fadale, Stephanie Kurtzuba

05. Radithor — Vicki Van Tassel, Michael Dantuono, Company

06. Am I a Good Girl? — Stephanie Kurtzuba

07. Everyone Likes to Watch — Cristina Fadale

08. The Man Nobody Knows — Sebastian Arcelus, Stephanie Kurtzuba

09. The Coue Way — Vicki Van Tassel, Michael Dantuono, Brooke Sunny Moriber

10. Hey There Tootsie / You Can Bet Your Sweater — Jonathan Sandler, William Zeffiro, Lynne Wilson

11. The Road to Ruin — Stephanie Kurtzuba

12. The Mahjong Song — Ann Morrison, Vicki Van Tassel, Lynne Wilson, Jenn Caryn

13. A Few Years from Now — Brooke Sunny Moriber

14. The Ballad of the Bobbed Hair Bandit — William Zeffiro, Cristina Fadale, Stephanie Kurtzuba

15. Henger’s Harangue / It’s Your Life or It’s’ — George S. Irving, Company

16. Flora’s Filosophy — Ann Morrison, Brooke Sunny Moriber, Company

17. What the Hell Is Going On / The Puppy Chorus — Brooke Sunny Moriber, Michael Dantuono, Ann Morrison, George S. Irving, Vicki Van Tassel, Sebastian Arcelus, Company

18. The Road to Ruin (reprise) —

19. Look at Her (Bonus Track) — George S. Irving

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