The Fly musical demo 2 cdrs by Robert Longden


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From California late 1990s lots of fun like ROcky Horror

Disc 1
1. I’m gonna scare you
2. Long before all the dramas began
3. Flashback
4. Last summer
5. With the spider and the worms
6. Working like a serf
7. Another perfect day in paradise
8. Bird scene
9. Just fishing
10. I’ve been waiting
11. My laboratory
12. Just because of you
13. Worlds of tomorrow
14. The plain truth
15. Hour of love
Disc 2
1. At the height
2. All I’ve ever wanted
3. The search is on
4. Vampire of night
5. Booze
6. Dancing
7. One love – One law
8. Before the night
9. Go home folks
10. Flying


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