The Card – London Touring Cast


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1.Typical Machin

2.Another Time, Another Place — Jessica Martin

3.You’ll Do

4.How Do

5.Nobody Thought of It

6.Rents — Jessica Martin

7.Moving on — Jessica Martin, Jenna Russell

8.Time to Spend (Beside the Sea)

9.Lock, Stock & Barrell

10.Is It Just Me? — Janet Lowe

11.Typical Machin (Reprise)

12.That’s the Way the Money Grows — Cameron Blakely, Jenna Russell

13.If Only — Jenna Russell

14.Countess of Chell — Hayley Mills

15.The Card

16.Opposite Your Smile — Jenna Russell

17.If Only (Reprise) — Jenna Russell

18.Moving On (Reprise) — Jessica Martin

19.Denry for Mayor

20.Is It Just Me (Reprise) — Jenna Russell

21. Finale — the Company

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Tony Hatch


Jackie Trent


Cameron Blakely, Peter Duncan, Kenneth Gilbert, Joan Hickson, Jane Lowe, Jessica Martin, Hayley Mills, Jenna Russell, Marti Webb




First Night


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