The Broadway Musicals of 1964


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Town Hall Broadway by the Year Series

1. Cornet Man [From Funny Girl]

2. Home Sweet Home [From High Spirits]

3. Love Is a Chance [From Bajour]

4. Mean [From Bajour]

5. Richest Man in Town/Miracle of Miracles [From Fiddler on the Roof]

6. Come Sta [From Something More]

7. Ciumachella [From Rugantino]

8. You Musn’t Feel Discouraged [From Fade Out-Fade In]

9. Ribbons Down My Back [From Hello, Dolly!]

10. Friendliest Thing [From What Makes Sammy Run?]

11. You’re No Good [From What Makes Sammy Run?]

12. Room Without Windows [From What Makes Sammy Run?]

13. Anyone Can Whistle [From Anyone Can Whistle]

14. There Won’t Be Trumpets [From Anyone Can Whistle]

15. People [From Funny Girl]

16. Music That Makes Me Dance [From Funny Girl]

17. I’m the Greatest Star [From Funny Girl]

18. Something More [From Something More]

19. Talk to Me Baby [From Foxy]

20. Before the Parade Passes By [From Hello, Dolly!]

21. One Long Last Look [From Something More]

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