The Broadway Musicals of 1960


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Town Hall Broadway by the Year Series

1. Hey Look Me Over [From Wildcat] 

2. How to Handle a Woman [From Camelot] – Brent Barrett 

3. One Boy [From Bye Bye Birdie] – Liz Larsen

4. Lusty Month of May/Before I Gaze at You Again [From Camelot] – Lisa Vroman

5. Summertime Love [From Greenwillow] 

6. I Know About Love [From Do Re Mi] – Marc Kudisch 

7. Little Old New York/Picture of Happiness [From Tenderloin] – Eddie Korbich, Liz Larsen 

8. Our Language of Love [Irme La Douce] – Lisa Vroman 

9. Tall Hope [From Wildcat] 

10. I Ain’t Down Yet [From the Unsinkable Molly Brown] – Eddie Korbich, Marc Kudisch, Liz Larsen 

11. Kids [From Bye Bye Birdie] – Tovah Feldshuh 

12. Ism Vintage 60 [From Vintage 60] – Tovah Feldshuh 

13. One Last Kiss [From the Musical “Bye Bye Birdie”] – Marc Kudisch 

14. Fireworks [From Do Re Mi] – Brent Barrett, Lisa Vroman 

15. You’re a Liar [From Wildcat] – Marc Kudisch, Liz Larsen 

16. Christine [From Christine] 

17. Late, Late Show [From Do Re Mi] – Eddie Korbich 

18. Make Someone Happy [From Do Re Mi] – Marc Kudisch, Lisa Vroman 

19. Camelot [From Camelot] – Brent Barrett 

20. Lot of Livin’ to Do [From Bye Bye Birdie]

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