The Broadway Musicals of 1945


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Town Hall Broadway by the Year Series

1. Introduction – Scott Siegel

2. Wait For Tomorrow [POLONAISE] — Scott Ailing

3. Here I Go Again [ARE YOU WITH IT] — Eddie Korbich, Kerry Butler

4. Bad Timing [BILLION DOLLAR BABY] — Karen Mason

5. It Doesn’t Cost Anything To Dream UP [IN CENTRAL PARK] — Kerry Butler

6. A Rhyme For Angela [THE FIREBRAND OF FLORENCE] — Eddie Korbich with Scott Siegel

7. From Morning Till Night [THE GIRL FROM NANTUCKET] — Scott Ailing

8. Mister Snow [CAROUSEL] — Karen Mason

9. Slightly Perfect [ARE YOU WITH IT] — Kerry Butler, Scott Ailing

10. Turn On The Charm [MARINKA] — Christiane Noll

11. Sleep Baby, Don’t Cry [CARIB SONG] — Eddie Korbich

12. The Highest Judge Of All [CAROUSEL] — Marc Kudisch

13. What’s The Use Of Wond’rin’ [CAROUSEL] — Kerry Butler with Marc Kudisch

14. Sing Me Not A Ballad [THE FIREBRAND OF FLORENCE] — Karen Mason

15. You Haven’t Changed At All [THE DAY BEFORE SPRING] — Karen Mason, Eddie Korbich

16. My Love Is A Married Man [THE DAY BEFORE SPRING] — Christiane Noll, Karen Mason, Kerry Butler

17. Sigh By Night [MARINKA] — Scott Ailing

18. Close As Pages In A Book [UP IN CENTRAL PARK] — Christiane Noll

19. Soliloquy [CAROUSEL] — Marc Kudisch

20. You’ll Never Walk Alone [CAROUSEL] — Company

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