The Broadway Musicals of 1943


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Town Hall Broadway by the Year Series

1. Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin’ (Oklahoma!) – Sally Mayes/Heather MacRae/Jason Graae

2. Something For The Boys (Something For The Boys) – Sally Mayes

3. Can’t You Do A Friend A Favor (A Connecticut Yankee) – Heather MacRae

4. All Er Nothin’ (Oklahoma!) – Sally Mayes/Jason Graae

5. Many A New Day (Oklahoma!) – Heather MacRae

6. Very, Very, Very (One Touch Of Venus) – Heather MacRae

7. That’s Him (One Touch Of Venus) – Heather MacRae 

8. You Wash And I’ll Dry * (What’s Up) – Jason Graae

9. My Last Love (What’s Up) – Sally Mayes

10. Speak Low (One Touch Of Venus) – Sally Mayes

11. To Keep My Love Alive (A Connecticut Yankee) – Sally Mayes

12. By The Mississinewah (Something For The Boys) – Sally Mayes/Heather MacRae

13. a) Hold That Smile (Ziegfeld Follies of 1943) – Jason Graae b) The Ladies Who Sing With Band (Early To Bed) – Sally Mayes/Heather MacRae 

14. I’m A Stranger Here Myself (One Touch Of Venus) – Sally Mayes

15. Westwing (One Touch Of Venus) – Heather MacRae

16. Way Out West In Jersey (One Touch Of Venus) – Jason Graae

17. The Surrey With The Fringe On Top (Oklahoma!) – Heather MacRae

18. Pore Jud Is Daid (Oklahoma!) – Heather MacRae/Sally Mayes

19. Lonely Room (Oklahoma!) – Jason Graae

20. I Cain’t Say No (Oklahoma!) – Sally Mayes

21. Oklahoma! (Oklahoma!) – Sally Mayes, Heather MacRae, Jason Graae

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