The Broadway Musicals of 1926


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Town Hall Broadway by the Year Series


1. Betsy/Blue Skies

2. Queen High/It Pays to Advertise

3. Peggy Ann/A Little Birdie Told Me

4. Americana/Blowin’ the Blues Away

5. Girl Friend/Why Do I?

6. Desert Song/It

7. Castles in the Air/I Would Like to Fondle You

8. Queen High/Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

9. Americana/That Lost Barbershop Chord

10. Garrick Gaieties/Mountain Greenery

11. Desert Song/One Alone

12. Merry World/Don’t Fall in Love with Me

13. Merry World/Sort O’Lonesome

14. Desert Song/The Riff Song

15. Desert Song/The Desert Song

16. Queen High/Everything Will Happen for the Best

17. Peggy Ann/Maybe It’s Me

18. Betsy/This Funny World

19. Oh Kay!/Do, Do, Do

20. Oh Kay!/Someone to Watch Over Me

21. Betsy/Blue Skies

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