Sweethearts (Herbert-Smith) Gregg Smith Singers CDR


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1 Overture
2. On Parade
3. Sweethearts
4. Jeanette and Her Little Wooden Shoes
5. Every Lover Must Meet His Fate
6. The Game of Love
7. Angelus
8. Pretty As A Picture
9. What She Wanted and What She Got
10. Pilgrims of Love
11. In The Convent They Never Taught Me That
12. Talk About This Talk About That
13. I Don’t Know How I Do It, But I Do
14. Cricket on the Hearth

Lyrics: Robert B. Smith
Music: Victor Herbert
Performers: Rosalind Rees, Kevin Elliott, Samantha Genton, Thomas Bogdan, Walter Richardson, Elisa Lansson, William Paul, Greg Smith Singers


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